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Extreme protection from a Lunatik case gives your Apple iPhone the extra breath of life it needs in case of a hard fall. The case protects your iPhone from drops or falls of up to 90 ft. with its impact truss technology. This extreme case has an extra layer of gorilla glass protection which makes sure that there is no lag in touch sensitivity of the screen, while the screen display stays away from all sorts of scratches, dust and damage. Lunatik case is designed to look beautiful and be rugged at the same time. It provides your iPhone a military grade protection. You can also use it as a weapon in case of an attack as self defense (JK)! Now your iPhone don't need to look ugly in a real protection case. Lunatik case makes your beloved iPhone look like a transformer Autobot! Lunatik case emerged from disruption. It was founded on taking risks, making the improbable possible, and listening to the crowd. Lunatik designs premium products for your digital life that provides total peace of mind. We are obsessed, sometimes even crazy about everything we create. At Lunatik, we look for — and find — unseen connections between materials, categories, and experiences. That’s design revolution, making products that change the way people use their devices.