It can be said that the best camera is the camera you have with you. In this fast-paced world, the chance of someone carrying a smartphone camera over a bulky DSLR camera is much greater. Today’s smartphones come with many capabilities, one of them being the ability to take quality photos on the go. However, there is still a major benefit old-school DSLR cameras have that smartphone don’t—real lenses.

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Those who want to add some versatility to their casual photography can invest in attachable lenses for their phones. These add-ons are great for upgrading from the fixed focal length and digital zoom on camera phones while also allowing you to experiment creatively with different viewpoints and effects.


Lens attachments act like spectacles for your camera. The optical aid of these lenses allows you to capture either close-up details (macro lens), 180-degree field of views (fisheye lens), zoomed-in images from a distance (telephoto lens) or expansive landscape shots (wide-angle lens). Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, here is a list of the top add-on lenses available for your smartphone.


For those budding smartphone photographers, lens attachments provide an easy way to change your perspective. Whether you are taking pictures to upload on social media or to display on digital picture frames in your home, these lens enhancements will help you capture moments in a unique way that are definitely worth sharing.

Mobile SLR Lens


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