As many would agree, the new iPhone 7 / 7+ are beautiful, well-crafted smartphones, not to mention the gorgeous looking Matte Black Edition. But at the same time, its lightweight aluminum body may easily bend or scratch if the handset is not handled with care. That explains why there’s plethora of protective iPhone cases in the market, ranging from the sleek and barely noticeable, to the tough and extremely durable. This post is about the toughest of the kind. After doing a little digging, we came up with a pretty solid damage-resistant iPhone case available in the market today. No matter what stands on top of your priority list – shock, dust, dirt, or water resistance – chances are you’ll go crazy on what we’ve chosen. Check it out!

Lunatik has two cases on the market to address active as well as extreme lifestyles. Among the two, The TAKTIK EXTREME, is what we prefer, as it is a multi-layered, machine screw-sealed and thick “sarcophagus” enclosure for your mobile device. The bezels are made out of an impact-resistant polymer, which is surrounded by a silicone, 9mm-thick impact truss, accompanied by PVD-coated steel hardware with aluminum port covers. This is a case designed to take the rigors of daily use and abuse and then some.

What we most like about the case is the tight fit from screwing the enclosure shut, as well as the high elevation of the bezel from the screen area, which is critical for protecting the screen from damage if it happens to fall flat towards the display area. At $124 for any color version, We think the price is right for what you are getting, which is a lot of peace of mind for an otherwise fragile and slippery device.

The TAKTIK has a permanent layer of Corning Gorilla Glass, that protects your iPhone display from any sort of scratch or damage, but it keeps the Touch ID sensor open, leaving it usable for your convenience.

Impressed? Then CLICK HERE to get your Lunatik Case. Apart from iPhone 7 / 7+, the Case is also available for 5 / 5S / SE / 6 / 6S / 6+ / 6S+



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