Lowest Price Guarantee

Some of the products on sale have the following badge:


Q. What does this badge mean?

A. This badge is a guarantee that the price offered for the particular product on SALE is the lowest when compared to the same product (having same brand, quality, components and specifications) being sold on any e-commerce site or brick-and-mortar retail shop.

Q. What if I found the same product for a lower price?

A. If you think it is the same, please cross check and contact us, we will also cross check and offer a lower price. Thats a Groot Guarantee. But you must do this before you make a purchase.

Q. Does the similar looking product on any website is eligible for comparison?

A. If it is the same product, then Yes. The product must be of same brand, exact same quality, components and specifications. If any on these does not match, then it is not the same product even though it ma look same. Remember, there are fake copies all over the internet. Shop from GrootGadgets.com for a worry free experience.