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Mobile Professional Telephoto Lens – The Power Of Optical Zoom

8X Zoom Lens Mobile DSLR

8X Zoom Mobile Professional Telephoto Lens Today, any phone camera can take good pictures, especially when taking pictures outside during the day, but it lacks any ability to zoom in optically.  Sure, there is a digital zoom function, but all that does is crop part of the picture and reduce the overall quality.  If you […]

The CAP Zappa: Open Bottle, Drink Beer, Shoot Enemies

Cap Zappa Bottle Opener Cap Shooter

The CAP Zappa: Open Bottle, Drink Beer, Shoot Enemies From now on, bottle openers are no longer cool. Your bottle opener barely dents the cap? Still not cool. It’s on a pair of flip-flops? Still not cool. It collects the caps so you can use it for currency in the event of a Fallout-style apocalypse? […]

Turn Any Smartphone Into a CINEMA PROJECTOR

Turn Any Smartphone Into A CINEMA PROJECTOR

This $21 cardboard box can beam mobile video onto any wall and turn any smartphone into a CINEMA PROJECTOR. Turn Any Smartphone Into a cinema projector – The best footage is usually captured on a smartphone – and now a new affordable gadget could make watching memorable moments more enjoyable. Instead of crowding around a […]