Where would the rest of the world be without Japan’s unique ability to merge ingenuity, convenience, craftsmanship, and f**king Batman!? Although the Tumbler is pretty badass, when one pictures the Batmobile, Tim Burton’s rendition usually comes to mind. For the true Batman enthusiast, you can now protect your iPhone with a near-perfect replica of the superhero’s mode of transportation and safeguarding your iPhone from falling victim to the elements as well as Gotham City’s lesser villains —we’re lookin’ at you, PUDDIN! 

Fresh from our neighbors on the other side of the planet comes an iPhone accessory that’s the best thing to happen to Batman since Clooney decided the cape and cowl didn’t quite fit his face.


It’s big, bulky, secure, and will give your pockets absolute hell, but come on—it’s Batman.

While the English translation of the site may be a tad on the convoluted side, we have to assume “Bat signal will emerge when illuminate the wall” means that this thing actually beams the Bat-Signal out of the actual case! So, that’s the pretty solid reason to throw some shekels towards this thing.

If you don’t think this thing is worth the US$99 price tag, then your allegiance to the Dark Knight should be seriously put under investigation—preferably by Commissioner Gordon himself.

While you’re busy deciphering how to actually place an order for this thing, treat yourself to an insane video that once again proves the might of the Bat of Gotham! And yes, the case is better than the video 😉

 Also, do peek in to an BOXING Video…


3 thoughts on “BatMobile iPhone Case By BANDAI

    • grootgadgets says:

      Sir the number of iPhone buyers spending on high end cases is far more than even the galaxy customers. Hence companies only make for iPhones.

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